Breakfast Films Inc. is a Canadian entertainment company founded by Patricia MacDowell to focus on feature film, television, publishing and digital content that inspires social change. Through social action campaigns (such as SWEEPING FORWARD) Breakfast Films seeks to entertain, encourage and empower every individual to take action.


Breakfast Films focus is to launch campaigns that bring together government entities, foundations, schools, and others to raise awareness and drive people to take action and educate on issues from each film or television show.


Breakfast Films is dedicated to inspire compelling social change and seeks to entertain and inform through films; television shows and; ultimately, empower individuals to take action on societal challenges.


Sweeping Forward is a new TV series idea, with the focus on what you watch does make a difference.


Breakfast Films motive is to connect audiences with information and the ability to make change happen.


Breakfast Films goal is to launch Sweeping Forward - a series focused on mental and social health issues, which are of critical concern.

Patricia MacDowell

Founder & Filmmaker

Writer, Producer, Director

Montreal based Writer, Producer, Director Patricia MacDowell is CEO and Founder of Breakfast Films Inc.


Breakfast Films is an independent production company that develops, finances, produces and markets relevant television and theatrical motion pictures. 


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